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Zach’s Miller’s Roofing is the only ice dam removal contractor you want on your Minnesota roof this winter. From removing ice dams, to roof snow removal, Miller’s Roofing has the expertise and tools to keep your roof clear this winter.

How Do Ice Dams form?

Ice dams are formed when snow accumulates on the roof faster than it melts. Ice forms at the edge of the snow pack, climbs up along the rooftop and can leak into attics through cracks in roofs. Ice dams are more commonly formed during periods of prolonged cold weather with below-zero temperatures that last for extended periods of time. Ice dams are usually formed at sharp roof structures, chimneys, or any other elevated areas on a roof. Ice dams are most common in homes with steep roofs that are more difficult for melting snow to escape from the gutter system. Ice dam removal is critical for homeowners living in regions like Minnesota where freezing temperatures occur frequently during the winter season.

Damages Ice dams can cause

Ice dams are a major cause of roof damage in Minnesota due to the prevalence of ice build-up and below-freezing temperatures. Damaged caused by ice dams can result in water intrusion into the home, leading to costly repairs and possible structural damage. Homeowners need to understand why ice dam removal is critical for maintaining a sound structure.

How to prevent Ice dams before they start

Ice Dams form  because of improper insulation in your attic space. To prevent the ice dams in the first place, you need to prevent the heat escaping your MN home that is melting the snow on your roof. Improving your attic insulation, especially around skylights and chimneys. It’s also important to make sure your roof vents are free and clear letting cold air circulate. This helps prevent the warm air that is escaping your home to melt the snow pack on your roof.

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