The Best Home Maintenance Tips for Your Roof and Siding from a Roofer Near Me

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What do you know about roof and siding maintenance? If your answer is “nothing,” then this blog post is for you. The Miller’s Roofer near you knows that taking care of your home’s exterior can be hard work, but it also pays off in the long run–especially if you own a house with a flat roof or vinyl siding. In this article, we will discuss some basic tips to help keep your home looking its best!

Inspect your roof and siding regularly.

This may sound like a no-brainer, but it’s something that many homeowners skip over when they should be looking at every single exterior surface of their home for signs of damage or wear. Roofs can develop leaks—or worse, completely collapse! Siding is also susceptible to rot and other damage that can be prevented if you look for signs of problems early on.

Don’t wait to do repairs!

The Miller’s Roofer near you knows that roof and siding damage doesn’t just happen overnight, so why should your repair work take place within the same time frame? Instead of letting a small problem turn into an expensive one—or worse, a dangerous one—make sure you schedule time for home repairs as soon as possible.

Talk to an experienced roofer.

If your roof needs work, make sure to reach out to the Miller’s Roofer near you that has experience working with roofs similar to yours. The last thing you want is a Roofer who doesn’t know how to properly fix your particular type of roof.

Clean your gutters regularly!

The Miller’s Roofer near you  knows that clogged gutter can lead to all sorts of problems, including water damage and mold growth in your roofing system. Think about it: if debris builds up in the gutters, where does it go next? Right down onto the shingle or other flat surface of your roof. This is why it’s incredibly important to keep gutters clean and unclogged, so that no other problems can form in the future.

Look into installing a water shield

If you have a flat or low slope roof, you should consider adding another layer of protection by installing a secondary barrier such as ice and water shield near the edge of the roof where your gutters are. This will help divert the water to avoid potential damage that could happen if it is allowed to run its course towards your roofing system!

Avoid ice damns

Speaking of ice dams, this problem occurs when heat escapes from your home and melts snow on the edge of your roof, near where the shingles meet with other surfaces like dormers or chimneys. As the water runs down towards your shingles, it freezes once again after passing over these colder spaces—causing an ice dam to form which ends up with even more snow and water on top of it! The Miller’s Roofer near you recommends that you clean off this area regularly in order to avoid any damage from occurring due to ice dams.

The Miller’s Roofer near you knows that keeping up with your home’s exterior can be hard work—but we also know the benefits! If you’re interested in learning more about exterior maintenance or would like to schedule a free consultation with The Miller’s Roofer near you, contact us today.

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