Roofing Square: What It Is and How to Measure for Roof Estimates


If you’re getting ready to have a new roof installed, one of the first things you’ll need to know is how to measure your roof. This will help you get accurate roofing estimates. One term you’ll likely hear when discussing roof measurements is “square.” But what does that mean? And how do you measure for squares when estimating a new roof? Keep reading to learn more!

When roofing what is a square?

A “square” is a unit of measurement used in roofing. One square equals 100 square feet. So, if your roof is 1000 square feet, that means it’s made up of ten squares.

To calculate the number of squares or roofing you need, simply measure the length and width of your roof and multiply those numbers together. If your roof has many gables or dormers, you’ll need to measure each section separately and then add up the total number of squares. If you would rather not climb on your roof to measure yourself, reach out to Miller’s Roofing and we would be more than happy to come do the measuring for you.

Keep in mind that when comparing estimates from different roofing contractors, some roofers may use a slightly different measurement called a “roofing square.” One roofing square is equal to 120 square feet. So, if your roof is 1000 square feet, that would be equal to eight and a third roofing squares.

Now that you know more about roofing squares, measuring your roof for an estimate should be a breeze! Just remember to use the right measurement when talking to your contractor so there are no surprises comparing estimates when it comes time to install your new roof.

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