How do you know if a roofer did a good job?

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The most expensive part of maintaining your home is repairing the roof. Unfortunately, this isn’t an area where you can always expect top-quality workmanship from shoddy contractors or builders; after spending thousands on their services (and more importantly), having them fail during installation leaves customers feeling taken advantage off–not only financially but also in terms if quality service promised! How will I know whether my contractor did good job?

Here are some of the telltale signs that your roofing contractor did a good job or failed to meet expectations.

Your Roof Has Drip Edge Flashing

One of the most common techniques that will differentiate a roofing professional from an average Joe is if your roof has drip edge flashing. Drip edge flashing is a material that professional roofing contractors will install at every edge of your roof. The flashing prevents water damage to your home and guards against pest infestations in the attic. Drip edges are a requirement for roofing shingles, however, most homeowners wouldn’t be able to tell whether or not their roofs have drip edges or not. In fact, most only know about the problem after the fact when they are dealing with leaks or moisture concerns.

If your room has a shingle roof, take a look at the gables and eaves. Each should have a drip edge. This is metal flashing that fits between the shingles and the underlayment. It is an integral component responsible for carrying water away from the home and ensuring that gutters work as they should. A qualified roofing contractor will always use a drip edge to seal and protect the roof. The old adage holds true, “The way someone does one thing is the way they do everything.” and if your contractor is cutting corners on the drip edge flashing, that’s probably not the only place.

Your Roof Looks Even and Consistent

After the roofing project has been finished, take a good hard look at your new roof. Most often, homeowners don’t do a thorough visual inspection of their roof after a project has been completed. Your roof should look completely uniform throughout. An uneven appearance is a key giveaway that you’ve been the victim of an unprofessional roofing job. If your roofline is sagging or asphalt shingles are not uniform in color, those are other dead giveaways. Additionally, this goes without saying, your roof should be done in the same materials from beginning to end.

The shingles or Metal sheets are the main focal point of the roof and will do all of the heavy liftings in keeping your home free from moisture. A great roofing contractor will start the installation at the bottom of the roof, go up over the starter shingle, and then continue laying upwards. This process creates a uniform appearance and allows your shingles function as they were designed.

The Roofing Crew Leaves The Job Area As They Found It

After you have chosen a roofing contractor and they’ve completed a project, your home and yard should look as it did before they began. Quality roofers will never leave behind construction debris, empty boxes, old shingles, or nails in your lawn. Instead, they will take the responsibility and dispose of these materials themselves. The great ones will even bring their own  dumpster to pick up the job site as they go. If a roofing company leaves a mess for the homeowner to gather and dispose of the garbage, they have failed to do a quality job and may have cut corners in other areas of  your roof.

Also, roofers should always be mindful of  avoiding harm to your lawn, trees, plants, bushes or landscaping materials in the process of roofing. While even great companies are human and can make mistakes from time to time, a quality roofing company will always make up for those mistakes before they become problems. If you find that nails or other debris have been left behind or that areas of your home were damaged, your roofing contractor did not do deliver as promised on a quality job.

You can always count on a Miller’s Roofing & Siding crew to leave the job site better than they found it, and with a brand new roof that meets and exceeds your expectations for quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail!

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